Keiko Kamiya

Multi-disciplined, innovative, problem-solver, and team oriented

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Software Engineer

I acquired 13 years of healthcare background ranging from dietetics, electrocardiogram to nursing. I was Creative Director for a start-up company where I introduced and installed the hearing loop technology that brought better accessibility for those with hearing loss. The company still relies on these systems, and it is where I developed my curiosity for programming. Programming opens up a world of opportunities to improve people's lives. I am also trilingual in Spanish, English, and Japanese. My hobbies involve exploring the great outdoors, painting, playing music, and seeking wanderlust adventures. My interests consist of ecology, health, astronomy, education, psychology, and humanistic studies. My approach to life is that we should never stop learning/growing, and to help others whenever you can.


Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-up comedy promotion. It allows users to register & login with validations, authentications, and security. It provides features to select & purchase tickets to the show, view his performances, and send a contact form

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Natural Disasters Prepardness

NASA Hackathon collaboration application. Designed to navigate through natural disasters before, during, and after the event. It allows users to be informed of each disaster type along with a checklist of materials needed to pack for safety.

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